Thank you for your interest!


If you are looking for logo work please contact me to talk about your business, colors, and ideas you have.  I will create three logos for you to choose from.  The price is $50 for the creation of the first three logos.  If you would like revisions on a single logo I will charge $25 a hour.  Please allow 5 business days to complete original work.  Payment must be received before receiving completed work.

For larger design projects, please contact me to discuss.


$50 an hour.  This would include any travel time to and from any venue of your choosing.  I prefer to only shoot up to 2 ours at a time.  Smiles tend to fade at that point.  🙂  Different rules for weddings, of course.

I’m able to give you your proofs so you can print them yourself.  I would just caution you to use Walmart or Target to develop your photos.  The color correcting isn’t exact.  If you would like me to print your photos on your behalf the following is my price list.  Please just let me know what you would prefer.

Print Price List – Minimum order of $30.

4 wallets – $4
4×6 – $2
5×7 – $4
6×6 – $5
8×8 – $6
8×10 – $7
11×14 –  $11
16×20 – $20

I do not have a studio at this time, but a 15ft by 15ft living room would work just fine and I’m willing to come to a location of your choosing.